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How to check essay for grammar?


So, you have written your paper and you are about to pass it. What if it contains any mistakes or misprints? In this case, it would be better if your paper was thoroughly checked by the tutor or a professional.

Of course, there are a lot of different grammar checkers online. I have tried a lot of them during my student years and here are the advantages and disadvantages that I found:


  • Almost all the grammar checkers online are free. You do not need to pay or buy anything and you can run the checker over your paper any time you need it.
  • It works very fast and it takes about 20 seconds to check even a big document.
  • You can run the checker any time you need it.


Unfortunately, I found out that disadvantages are more numerous than the advantages.

  • Grammar checker online doesn’t fix all the mistakes in the paper. He distinguishes only a few of them. As a result, the paper remains with a number of grammar errors, as if it was not checker at all.
  • Some grammar checkers are free only up to a certain point. For example, it may happen that you can use the grammar checker online only a couple of time for free. All the next times will be payable.
  • The quality of grammar checking online is very poor.
  • You will only waste your time, as not a real person, but the machine will be checking your paper.

That's why it is better to rely on paper editor:

To my mind, it would be better to order editing or proofreading services on one of the custom writing service sites. These companies are more reliable because only real people will be working on your papers.  The machine cannot distinguish all the mistakes the way well educated an clever person can do.

Among disadvantages, we may call the fact that custom editing is payable. Though from my own experience I can tell that it is better to spend a certain sum of money and to get thoroughly grammar checked paper, then to get poor checking for free. Believe me, online checkers are unprofessional and they will never fix significant mistakes in the paper if there are any.

That is why, we created a site, where you can order editing and proofreading services. You will pay an affordable sum of money and our professional editor will thoroughly check your paper. You do not have to worry that your tutor will find mistakes in the paper because our editor will fix everything for you.

Our service is very convenient in usage. Only in a couple of clicks you will make an order and receive your paper within the stated deadline. We know how important it is to get a good mark for you, that is why we offer exclusive discounts to our new customers. Do not be afraid to be successful. You will become successful with us!

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